Best  Overall Production

Shakespeare Live!

Signs of Sara

Actress in a Major Role

Holly Chavet – Shakespeare Live!
Kaylee Kasper – Shakespeare Live!
Hailey Buford – Signs of Sara

Actor in a Major Role

Billy Leever – Jungle Book
Emilio Cress – Shakespeare Live!
Emilio Cress – The Three Musketeers

Actress in a Supporting Role

Catalina Thompson – Signs of Sara

Actor in a Supporting Role

Emilio Cress – Signs of Sara (Recipient)

Emilio Cress – Sheer Nonsense!


Jim Gradillas - Shakespeare Live!

Lighting Design

Tammy Chavet - Signs of Sara

Sound Design

Jim Gradillas - Signs of Sara (Recipient)

​Original Script

​Jim Gradillas - Shakespeare Live! (Recipient)

Michelle Marie & Jim Gradillas - Signs of Sara (Recipient)

Jim Gradillas - Alice in Wonderland

Michelle Marie & Jim Gradillas - Three Musketeers

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Acting Zone Awards for Theatre Excellence
Nominees & Recipients

Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role

Emilio Cress                         Shakespeare Live (Recipient)
Emilio Cress                         Three Musketeers (Recipient)
Aiden Mahle                         Three Musketeers (Recipient)
Noah Munoz                        Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role

Frank Johnson                     Shakespeare Live (Recipient)
Emilio Cress                         Signs of Sara (Recipient)
Noah Munoz                        Three Musketeers (Recipient)

Billy Leever                          Jungle Book
Bhaird Marler                       Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Billy Leever                          Signs of Sara
Noah Munoz                        Signs of Sara
Emilio Cress                         Alice in Wonderland
Evan Owen                          Alice in Wonderland

Outstanding Actress in a Lead Role

Kaylee Kasper                      Jungle Book (Recipient)

Hailey Buford                       Signs of Sara (Recipient)

Paxton Prieve                       Signs of Sara (Recipient)

Holly Chavet                         Sheer Nonsense (Recipient)
Zoe Davis                            Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Holly Chavet                        Signs of Sara
Zoe Davis                            Signs of Sara
Paxton Prieve                       Alice in Wonderland
Holly Chavet                         Three Musketeers

Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role

Hannah Pohlmeyer                Jungle Book (Recipient)
Cat Thompson                      Signs of Sara (Recipient)
Riley Wade                           Signs of Sara (Recipient)

Brieann Wilkins                     Sheer Nonsense (Recipient)

Peighton Marberry                 Signs of Sara
Sarah Antenbring                  Alice in Wonderland
Keeley Davis                         Alice in Wonderland
Ava King                               Alice in Wonderland
Hannah Mahle                       Alice in Wonderland
Lilly Owen                             Alice in Wonderland
Ashley Turner                        Alice in Wonderland
Kendall Bailey                        Sheer Nonsense
Hailey Buford                         Three Musketeers

Outstanding Junior Actor

Daniel Vasquez                     The Jungle Book (Recipient)
Renan Katz                          Three Musketeers (Recipient)
Brandt Marberry                   Three Musketeers (Recipient)

Marlon Vasquez                    The Jungle Book
Dominic Anderson                 Alice in Wonderland
Grayson Carter                     Three Musketeers

Outstanding Junior Actress

Grace D’Astice                     Signs of Sara (Recipient)

Elie Anthony                        Alice in Wonderland (Recipient)

Mia Williams                        Three Musketeers (Recipient)
Grace D’Astice                     Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Mia Williams                        Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Elise Weinberg                     Signs of Sara
Kensey Buford                     Alice in Wonderland
Kensey Buford                     Three Musketeers
Avery Counts                       Three Musketeers
Reagan Little                       Three Musketeers

Most Improved Actor

Kensey Buford
Kendall Bailey
Avery Counts

Best Cast Member

Brieann Wilkins
Zoe Davis

Actor of the Year

Hailey Buford

Best Ensemble

The Three Musketeers

Best Show of the Year

Signs of Sara